Unclaimed Deposit मधील Claim करण्यासंबधी कार्यवाही.

बँकेतील Unclaimed Deposit मधील Claim करिता खातेदारांनी संबंधित शाखेशी संपर्क करणे, त्याकरिता शाखेकडे अर्ज दाखल करणे आवशक्य राहील.
अर्जासह सर्व के. वाय. सी. कागदपत्रे, खातेपुस्तक व ठेव पावती मूळ स्वरूपात कागदपत्रे सादर करावे.

KYC Compliance

Periodical compliance of customers account KYC is mandatory as per RBI guidelines. Customer is requested to contact their home branch and submit the necessary KYC documents at the earliest.

KYC documents includes latest photograph, Aadhar Card / Address Proof, Pan Card, ID Card & for business accounts documents related to business need to be summitted and get acknowledgement. Original KYC documents need to be carried for verification of xerox copies only. Kindly comply KYC norms and cooperate.

Customer Awareness Message

Dear Customer, Do not share your ATM / Debit card number, PIN, CVV, OTP or Banking details over telephone. Shri Swami Samarth Sahakari Bank Ltd , Nighoj. never asks such details. “Authorized mobile applications of Shri Swami Samarth Sahakari Bank Ltd, Nighoj are only available on Google Play Store for Android.”

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